Powering Your Business on the Internet & Social Media – A Guide for Today’s Business Owner

The Internet today connects over 2 Billion people across the world. Social Media platforms have a combined connection of people in excess of billions pages and people across the world.

What readily comes to mind is how effectively a business entity can take advantage of these two wonder sets of outlets to power its business entity.

These are what this book explains, starting from the need to have an effective website designed for your business to project what you do to the whole world, to driving traffic to the website by tweaking search engines through Search Engine Optimization, which is an organic means and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Adverts. The book also directs on how to grow your business by taking advantage of the Social Media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, by engaging in Social Media Marketing.

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Towards A Smaller World – How the World Transits To Our Palms

The world has come a long way from face-to-face communication to the modern hand-held cell phones, popularly referred to as mobile phones or smart phones.

With the coming of Mobile phones, some of which have now been advanced to Smart phones have capabilities of connecting to the internet and the various Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whats App, etc, reaching out to millions of people who are likely to be your potential clients or customers. You now have an avenue to promote your business through Social Media Marketing on the Social media platforms.

Mobile phones have, therefore, shrunk the world to a Global village, where you can get across to as many people as possible, through the pressing of a few buttons on the little device on your palms!

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The CVL Role Model Forum (RMF) Handbook

This is a summary of the fascinating stories of 24 outstanding entrepreneurs who have succeeded despite all the odds and challenges life threw at them. Buy this handbook today and learn from their stories. The CVL “Role Model Forum”, is a CVL interactive monthly programme where an individual who has achieved remarkable success in his/her field of endeavour shares his/her life experience(s) that the participants can relate to. It is a mentoring program where the Role Model shares how he overcame challenges while upholding the right values and ethics.